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That time we went to Porto and met a Little Frenchie


It’s true, the Francesinha, Porto’s signature sandwich, could be slightly disturbing to an actual French person. After all, it’s a multi-meat sandwich on white bread, coated in cheese and then bathed in a beer sauce. Egg on top optional. More hangry fisherman than Parisian chic.

Detroit has its Coney dog. Philly its cheesesteak. In Pittsburgh, they put French fries on sandwiches. In Porto, it’s this beast of a sandwich that is vaguely reminiscent of a Louisville Hot Brown mating with a croque-monsieur.


Many places claim to have the world’s best. Sadly (and probably thankfully, these things are gut bombs), we only tried one, at Santiago.


If you can eat only one thing in Porto, make sure it is fresh fish. But if you’re in the mood for a guilty pleasure, sidle up to a Little Frenchie. Make sure it’s the best in the world.

Hat tip to Rita Siza for guiding us to this food adventure!Image


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