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Detroit Tale: That Yorba boy on the corner of W. Vernor looks a lot like Brad Pitt in Kalifornia

He was there the day we rolled into town, a mere 13 months ago. Back then he was a bit brawny, suntanned, with short brown hair. He looked like he might have been a cub scout once. I don’t know his real name. I just call him the Yorba boy because of where he lives. … Continue reading


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Detroit normal and other impossible things

Detroit, one month later. When I first returned from my European adventure, I was irritable. Then mopey. Frustration was followed by resignation. Finally, acceptance. The five stages of re-acculturation. It was as if Detroit had saved up all its goodies for my return. Bankrupt city. DIA treasures potentially saleable. Teenager in my neighborhood violently raped. … Continue reading

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The first day back

I’m going to blog about my Marshall Memorial Experience writ large… one day, one month and one year after returning home.Of course, I’m sure I’ll have burbles of thoughts and insights in between, but here’s where I’ll take a holistic view of its impact on me (and with any luck, the world). Not driving for … Continue reading